The Fascinating Evolution of Basketball

The fascinating game of basketball continues to evolve. As more and more shots are taken from way, way out in outer space, old concepts and doctrines are being challenged by pure athleticism and audacity.

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Is the PCKDF Really Worthy of the PSC Sports Incentives?

After the Philippine Dragon Boat Team collects zero medals in the Asian Games, the same team suddenly wins 5 golds in the International Canoe Federation’s so-called World Championships. And they flaunt their achievements to charm the Pinoy crowd into providing them more incentives. Are they really worthy of these incentives from government?

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Clash of Agendas

It is now abundantly clear that some people in the POC have never been after the welfare of the athletes, but look at them instead as indentured servants. The problem they now face is a leadership that will not back down or bend over for them.

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